Saturday, November 2, 2013


So things with target guy seem to be progressing. I was just about the blog about the lack of communication when he ups and calls me. 
It's ridiculously confusing but I guess all romantic possibilities are. He finally said things that would lead me to believe to the interest isn't one sided. And promises that he'll accompany me to the November 9th SIRSY concert. I'll believe it when it happens. If there's one thing I've learned from my expired cd with men is that you can't trust them or what they say until it happens. 
On the moving front apparently the people currently occupying the house we're suppose to move into have decided they're not ready to move yet which just about fucks everything up. Only by a few days but when you're moving and trying to get everything to align a few days can make a tremendous difference. But come shit hell or high water or with or without date I will be at that SIRSY show. 
I worked on a project I've been dying to do. I printed out my favorites from photography portfolio, bought two ugly pictures with beautiful frames, took the pictures out and removed the backing of the frames and hot glued finishing line in rows and hung all my photos from the fishing line. It looks wonderful. I won't lie, totally got the idea from Pinterest but I used my photography not drunken nights with my friends as the focus. They'll look beautiful in the new house. I'm going to work on getting new shots so I can make more. I've already made two. 
Here's hoping target guy amounts to more than just another ex to try and burn out of my mind. 

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