Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Water and a flame

GODDAMN IT! I go to Target to get Céline Dion's new cd, find the perfect peacoat as mine, after several repairs became beyond redemption, and a soda and BAM! There's target guy ringing people out at the next register. So I say hi and get rung out and leave. Then I get a text: "way to walk right past me". Seriously, one minute you're interested the next you're not the next you are. Make up your mind. I don't understand games. 
But looking at him...my hormones betrayed my stoic logical resolve to cut ties. All I wanted to do was leap on top of his register's conveyor belt, rip all his clothes off and have my carnal I haven't had sex in 16 months way with him. 
I let him know he didn't have to worry about Saturday because a friend is going with me but if he can come he more than welcome to come. I guess I'll see how this plans out.
My gut tells me he's just going to jerk me around somemore (not in the way I would like to be) and not show.
My heart hopes he shows up, gets his act together and we could become something. I know how unlikely this is. He's a young 23 and has proven by things he has told me about his personal life like missing his bus back to jersey not once but twice because he couldn't get up. 
I don't want to babysit. 

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