Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello darkness, my old friend

Today I have a job interview for some water testing compan. I'm kind of just resolved to the fact that the out come of my case will not affect my current job standings and I don't have time to waste.
Needless to say I'm not looking forward to the interview or even the job although water safety has always been one of my geeky interests. 
And to make matters worse y mother and I ended up havin a blow up argument last night that wasn't fair to her. I just kind of exploded out all the things that are wrong I. Her direction so this morning is awkward. 
You know me! When a situation is at it's absolute worst I always manage to find a way to make it worse!
It's times like these I truly wish I were a vampire. They can goto sleep for 50 years. Right now would be an excellent time to start a 50 year nap. 
I wrote an email to the woman essentially in charge of my fate at my current place of employment (I think I'm repeating myself) but I received no response and she doesn't seem like the kind of person who let's emotion get in the way of her decisions. This is why I feel as though my fate is sealed. 
But who knows what this interview at this water testing establishment could bring. Maybe untold opportunities? Maybe a higher pay rate? And it's right in town so I'd save on gas and it's full time. 
At the very least if I get hired it will be nice to have income while I'm waiting to hear back from my other job. 
Clearly I want the job I have back. Technically I haven't lost it, I'm on administrative leave. And I suppose it plays to my favor that they didn't just fire me right out the gate although they could've just done that as a way to avoid legal issues later on. 
I wish I knew if it was legal to fire someone if they are charged with a lesser crime in court that has nothing to do with their job and the crime it's self didn't take place while working and hasn't happened any other time during your employment. Guess I'll find out after thanksgiving. Nothing like waiting on the chopping block. 
After the interview I'll probably come home and just go back to bed. 
I don't feel like doing anything else. And I'm pretty much useless. I've sent out my resume to a bunch of place and preschools to no avail. 
Perhaps I'll continue my job search. 

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