Monday, November 25, 2013

I go back to black

The day after tomorrow I face the first part of my fate. Who knows what the court will decide and if what they decide will have any effect on the decision of whether or not I get to keep my job.
Today I went to the new job I got just in case I do get fired and while I had fun at the training the job itself is impossible.
My income is completely dependant on making 10 house visits a week to test their water. If I don't test 10 people's houses in a week I get paid nothing. I'm going to continue with the training and hopefully I either won't get fired or I'll get hired at this daycare I applied to who wants to interview me December 8th. Or the pet store I applied to will hired me. It's only part time but it's better than not knowing if you're going to make a paycheck each week.
I got Gandalf, my betta fish, some companions today. I got an aquatic mystery snail (why they call it a mystery snail I have no clue) and an African dwarf frog. I named the frog Gimli. Although I don't have much faith in his survival. Maybe he needs time to acclimate but I always get nervous when they won't eat. The snail, who remains nameless will have plenty to eat between the algae wafers I have and the algae that will accumulate in the tank.
I also had to get a new heater because the other heater I was using that was labeled "up to five gallons" really didn't seem to make the water warm. I returned two betta heaters I had, the afromentioned one and another one I had to get a really nice one where you set the temperature. It's set at 80 degrees and has finally reached that and Gandalf is quite peppy again.
When he first noticed the snail and Gimli it was hysterical. He just kept staring at them, would poke them and then stare at them again.
He certainly is the strangest betta I've ever had. He likes to go over to the filter and wrap himself around it and let it such on him. He also likes to lay on the fake plants.
I managed to a new friend and she lives across the street. I met her on my way to my new job today as I was getting into my car and she's coming over tomorrow. We both collect vinyl. I'm very excited to have someone over who I can share things with. I do hope we become close.
My faith may be wavering but I'm not beating myself up about it anymore. I did what I did. It's just the waiting that makes me feel like I'm going back to black.

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