Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time goes by so slowly

Here I sit at home completely useless. 
I met with the lawyer this morning. He thinks it will either get thrown out or reduced to disorderly conduct because I didn't steal enough to actually be charged with petty larceny. 
This may or may not work to my favor as far as my job is concerned. I spoke to one of my superiors today and still get the feeling that they've made up their minds. He did suggest I send an email to the woman who ultimately decides my fate and I did. She really wouldn't listen to what I had to say at the initial meeting so maybe my email will have some impact. 
I just feel so lost. It just seems like the good actions I take never out way when you make one had decision. 
I'm more or less resolved to the fact that my job is part of my past. I've started sending out applications and résumés. 

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