Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I LOVE Lady Gaga's new album. It's like the fame and born this way had a baby. And so many of the songs would serve as a wonderful sex soundtrack not to say in anyway I'm degrading the value of the songs. They're all intelligent and exactly as promised: artpop. 
I also love the app that goes with the album. It was super confusing when I first opened it. You meet this alien like character that reminded me of the born this way video who's name I can't remember and she finds your aura. Once again I'm stuck with green- just like my birthstone and my absolute least favorite color. 
So far the app seems to be a place only to make art but there are countdowns to other things coming. I wish you could export the art you create but so far there doesn't seem to be a way. 
I barely slept las night. My wonderful sinuses did what they love to- disallow me to breath and produce enough mucus for an entire geriatric ward. 
I ended up watching Animal hoarders which I didn't even know exsistes (the show, not the condition) and I was so deliciously disturbed. This is the hoarders to beat all hoarders. 
My favorite two people so far- the woman who had 107 dogs in a single wide trailer and the man who had 30 cats. 
Initially with the trailer lady you couldn't tell it was a trailer but once you did yor mind is blown. All this woman did day in and day out was rotate the dogs in and out of the trailer and didn't let any of them outside. She put down butcher paper in a shrewd attempt to catch all the urine and fieecees that inevitably got torn to bits. And she basically slept covered in dogs on a twin size bunk bed. 
The man with 30 cats wasn't really shocking until you saw his family and what his wife's daughter was married too. 
Exhibit A-
This is one of those situations where our sitting there screaming "I'm good looking, have a good job and my shit together and YOU are married?!" Not to mention how he acted. He was in his 30s and still wearing invader zim shirts and his wife had decorated her entire home in hellot kitty which is ironic considering her mother's husband had 30 of them. 
The cat hoarder didn't get disturbing until he turned himself in to animal control and they found a dozen dead cats. 
Today is my 3 month review. I'm just expecting to get slapped in the face with things I didn't see coming after the staff meeting expierence. I know I do a good job and do the actual job and that's what's truly important. 

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