Saturday, November 30, 2013

All I want for apparently nothing I actually want

I'm on the precipice of losing my job and starting another, I'm completely penniles, got screwed of by Ben son's pet center again for a position there because the manager was too lazy to look at my over qualified resume and the mere fact that I've shopped there since I was 4 (so much for supporting local businesses. I'm stopping that practice right now) and I'm amidst frantic shoppers surrounded by amazing deals that I can't partake in. It's quite depressing. 
I rread thought this would be the Christmas where I could finally get my family nice gifts and something nice for myself but alas once again I'll be the tool bag who can't get anyone anything. Maybe I'll be in the spirit after my court date and when my job decides if I'm being terminated or not. Until then consider me scrooge. 

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