Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Celine saves the day

Target guy strikes again. I told him not to worry about Saturday because I had a friend going with him after he cared enough to text me that I didn't go to this register (...this is starting to sound low brow) and low and behold he probably isn't going.
The saga continues...
Tonight will be the last night in my house. We're moving tomorrow and I'm beyond nervous. I guess I just always thought the moving of your belongings and furniture was a process...not all done in one day. But it will be nice to have access to all my stuff again. I'd by lying if I said I hadn't been living in 4 outfits and I'm down to probably my last few squirts of contact solution. 
I desperately wish I wasn't working this week so I'd have time to set up my room in some fashion. 
But I dare say Celine saved the day. She always seems to come out with a new album or I slip into her music while a romantic antic is going on. 

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