Tuesday, November 12, 2013

People don't get art anymore

I always knew from an early age the world was an ignorant place. At the age of 5 I may have looked like your typical boy but I was still an abomination for carrying around a pony. 
As I grew into myself the bigger of a societal abomination I became...and so it goes. 
In working on decorating my room I was looking for photos from the artpop photoshoot from Lady Gaga's latest. But in doing so I was plagued by all the ignorant, thoughtless, vapid and shallow reviews of not just the album but the interactive app, the album artwork, and her pop up art gallery in New York. 
It's one thing to dislike what she is doing, how she is doing it, what she uses to do it but to discredit her completely and the art she produced is probably the easiest way to write an article or review. It requires no thought to punch in line after line of negative run on sentences with even more negative adjectives. 
It would actually take time and effort to listen to the album, take it in, draw conclusions and behold the art it is.
I read article after article comparing her to other contemporary artists which is ludicrous at best. She isn't like anyone else. If Lady Gaga is nude on the cover of her album there's a reason, not for virtually no reason or to just sell copies of her album.
If you look at the artpop cover there isn't anything sexual about it. She isn't Madonna who let her meat purse and fun bags out for any dollar amount. 
She isn't Miley Cyrus who sat atop a wrecking ball naked, suggestively touching herself and giving faux falacio to a sledge hammer. 
I've been listening to the album and don't get it twisted. I don't blindly like anything. Mariah Carey was my idol for years, then she started coming out with half assed albums with maybe half a good song on them and I moved on. I am objective. This album of Gaga's is brilliant and cohesive with the rest of her work but at the same time a progression.
What's more is she's done something no one has ever done. She's made this music tangible. Through an app and artwork. I never thought in a million years something I expierence sonically could be something I could reach out and touch, change, feel and see. 
We can spend months slamming Miley Cyus for her VMA catastrophe, putting immense and intense attention on something people mostly considered deplorable and inappropriate but we have a true artist who is making real art and the best society can do is write throw articles, sweeping everything she's doing and done under the rug in a lamely insulting matter. 
You can not like Lady Gaga all you want. I'm not god or the president and it's a somewhat free country. But show some respect. And try using brain. Something Americans have a shockingly distinct aversion too and most don't even posses the ability to. 
It will always be a major sticking point for me and something that I'll always use to judge the kind of person is by how they define Lady Gaga. When people say she dresses crazy I can't help but come to the conclusion they have no culture or intellect and are just simple minded. 
Lady Gaga doesn't dress crazy. She wears art. She tries to revoke thought through her choice of dress among everything else she does. 
Or when people say "I don't understand her music". Of course you don't. If I showed you Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup art piece you probably wouldn't get that either.
We live in a world where unless it's spelled out for you in the most specific and simplest of terms people just don't bother. We can embrace a song written entirely about alochol consumption from a red solo cup, acting as though a plastic cup that pollutes the planet and binge drinking are the next coming of Christ but we can't understand Lady Gaga's Applause or poker face or bad romance. Why? Because as a nation we relate to that which requires the least amount of thiught. So cheers to Lady Gaga and her art and the majority of you out there who just can't comprehend it just take another swig out of your red solo cup. 

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