Monday, November 4, 2013

You're frozen

I woke up to the dreaded status update of an ex lover you're still in love with "****** is in a relationship with some bitch"
It had to have been 5 years ago but we all know my time and spacial awareness have never been good so give or take a few years, that I fell head over heels for a guy I met online. We dated while I was still working at North CUNTry academy. Things went well. I fell fast and hard. He was just so adorable and everything I was looking for. Then one day at the end of my shift I got the dreaded "we need to talk" voicemail. So i called him back prepared for the "it's not you it's me" "I just don feel a spark" blah blah blah breakup. But no, that wasn't what the phone was about at all. Turns out this guy I had been seeing was born a female and in process of transitioning. I had no clue and you wouldn't either if you had seen him. It barely through me for a loop. He told me he had no I tensions of the reassignment surgery and in my mind that just made everything easier. He was relieved it didn't bother me and I told him it wasn't his genetalia that made me fall for him it was who he was. Just the kind of person I am. 
Well a week later he dumps that through me for a loop. 
We kept in contact over the years, even when he ended up with another guy and subsequently broke up with him. Our friendship was on and off but in my expierence if you friend an ex that's usually how it goes.
Well I never really got over him. And we had started talking again. Things seemed to be moving into a flirtatious direction but then he told me under no cicumstances was he looking for a relationship. Another road block. 
Well we lost touch again and I wake up this morning and there it was, bold and celebratory, not only is he in a relationship but he's in a relationship with a woman... 
I will never understand men. I had my 10 minute pity party in my bed and got up and went about my day. Who knows. Maybe target guy will amoun to something...

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