Monday, November 4, 2013

Don't fuck with the Queen

Being on "vacation" just a shy of a week and coming back to work is quite disorienting. I'm come in, everything is different and posted on the office door is a packet of information all staff members have to sign and it turns out it's all common sense. Especially the part of about social media. If you're dumb enough to openly and negativly and specifically talk about your job (and I mean using names and specificities) you're a dumbass.
My first order of business was refilling the bird feeders. Those little sparrows sure can pack it away. They ate all 6 of the suet holders with suet inside and all the bird feeders which hold a massive amount of seeds. They're all out there happily fighting each other for the seeds. 
What I find most hysterical abou these sparrows is they fight over one feeder when there are 3 out there. Sometimes the females pick one because the males are so aggressive. 
On my way to work the fabulous high quality body jewelry shop I stumbled upon by mistake in Troy was finally open again and I desperately needed a new set of plugs as I sized up to 00. The "steel" tunnels that came with my stretching kit really aren't solid steel. I found this out when i kept them in for a long time and my healing ear ate through the steel plating. 
I got this beautiful pair of opal plugs and because they are made of stone my ears gave adelicious sigh of comfort. 
I have to say the stretch from 0 to 00 has been the easiest stretch yet. Barely any pain, slight pinch, no swelling. I was shocked. Because from 4 to 2 was the worst. And from 2 to 0 took two tries. 
I've successfully avoided any scar tissue and the dreaded cat ass ears that can happen if you don't listen to your body.
The best part of this shop I found in Troy is you get points for each purchase you make that go towards a discount and of you buy a pair of plugs you get a 10% discount.
They were closed for a week and I didn't have the time to read the sign on the door so I was afraid they'd closed and I would have to go back to pompous tattoo shops where they make you feel like your an imposition for just walking in (not my true tattoo though. Best tattoo shop in the area but sadly my beloved piercer moved). 
So it's official this is the last week in the only home I've ever known and we move into the new house. I'm beyond excited. I unfortunately won't have a large amount of time to set up my new room with working but when it's done I'll be drowning the world in photos! 

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