Thursday, October 31, 2013

When the world starts to get you down...or your computer...

It happened. All of a sudden. Out of nowhere. I had typed up a letter to one of my inmate suitors and printed it on my brand new printer and when it was finished I closed the lid of my computer, and went about my "vacation" (and by vacation I mean packing boxes and my allergies flaring up from the years of dust made from my love and life). Later that day I opened the lid and got the dreaded virus that was news fotter for a week. "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA" appeared across my screen and that was the end of my post-radiation, post-cancer celebratory laptop my mother bought me as a gift. All that was left was a blank screen and my jaw galling to the floor. 
I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when her Mac got the frowny face and she wrapped it up in her pashmina and brought it to be fixed. Luckily, unlike Carrie I had backed up my most important treasures on a fluke. 
Well today I purchased a new computer loaded with Windows 8 and to say I'm unimpressed is an understatement. Why Microsoft would send computers out into the world without Microsoft word free is beyond me. 
Let's face it. Most people don't use their pcs as their main source of Internet usage anymore. Most of us have smart phones and utilize them to do the mindless browsing and status updating we did before smartphones came along. I used my computer as a way of downloading and for printing pictures I'm too embarrassed to send to staples for printing for my inmate lovers. 
I have a 30 day free trial of Microsoft office which should get me through until I can afford to buy just Microsoft word. 
What goades me even more is that the sole reason I've avoided Macs (besides their insane price points) is I know pcs so well. Well not anymore! I had to google how to shut down my new computer. 
But I'm at ease now that I have a computer to turn to. Especially mid move without cable. No, we didn't have the cable shut off. The people who removed the siding from our house managed to only cut my cable by mistake. 

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