Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some of us have to grow up sometimes

Had an ok weekend. Finally got my room completely packed which has taken a lot of anxiety off my shoulders. 
I won't lie. I got to the point where I was just chucking stuff so I wouldn't have to pack it. I feel like you get to this point where  everything is a blur and unless something really brings back a memory you just get rid of it. 
I went to target to get something...I can't remember what exactly. But I went to the only register that didn't have a million mothers with screaming children in their carts with half the store in their carts and this ridiculously hot guy rang me out. I asked him if he liked working at target because I did and hated it. It was like going to high school all over again but getting paid for it. They use to force me to wear a walkie talkie on my required khaki pants and I'd either take one that wasn't charged or turn it off so that way if they were looking for me they'd have to actually find me and I'd just pretend I had no clue that it was off. I pissed them off constantly. At the time I had the lg chocolate phone
that's main feature was being able to play music and I'd blast Paramore and put it in my ass pocket ass I was going around the store and I'd always put weird names on my name tag which didn't "fit the team standards" as you weren't allowed to stick out. I stopped showing up for work and 3 months later they called me to ask me why I hadn't showed up for my shift that day...I was like "um I haven't been there for 3 months..." 
Well anywho I told me about where I work, how much I love it, the great benefits and asked him if I could give my number on the very off chance he'd even bother to call or text. I was pretty sure he knew I was more interested in him they telling him about my job. 
Well a half hour later he texted me!  I guess what they say is true. It happens when you're not looking. 
He is so my type. His of some sort of Latino or Hispanic heritage, has stretched ears, tattoos and thisequestrian Mohawk... Makes me loins quiver. 
I'm going to try not to get get too excited but it's nice to know I can give someone my number and they think I'm hot enough to text me. 
I'm hoping he'll go with me to the SIRSY show next week. That would be a perfect first date. But we'll see. 
The tension has been brewing in the house as the move gets closer. My mom and I got into an argument that's kind of neverending. No matter what I do I'm always going to be the irresponsible train wreck and that doesn't give you any motivation to do anything differently.
I'm 27. I can't continue to be treated like I'm 16. 
I took a job I didn't want (but ended up liking) for the sole purpose of finally being able to payback my family for all the times they had to have my back, work doubles and double overnights to get over time. But I'm still irresponsible. 
I've been drug free for years now, don't smoke, don't hang out at bars and I'm not promiscuous. 
Today I am working a double but we have a Halloween party to go to. 
I'll finally get to wear my animal hoarder costume that I made last year but never got the chance to wear because I had vertigo. 
Here's hoping the party is fun, none of the animals I've attached to my costume fall off and I make it through the double. 

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