Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who knew a stretched hole could feel soooo good

Finally! I've reached zero! No, not my pants size. Even when I lost all the weight when I was sick the smallest I got was a size 4 because that's what size my bones are! I could not eat for a year and probably never be smaller than a 4. I'm talking about my ears.
I've tried on and off for years to stretch my ears but always ended up getting a tear. The biggest gauge I reached was 8. Well a couple months ago I tried going from a size 2 to a 0 and it was a HAWT mess. I can't say they got infected. People always think their piercings are infected if they hurt or there is any discharge. 
They just hurt but not a constant hurt. I could just tell my body wasn't having it. So I downsized back to a 2 gauge, did a lot of sea salt soaking and left them alone for a month.
Well I got ballsy this morning and tried again but with longer tapers. I was told stretching with steel tapers was better but I think that's what made my first attempt to get to zero a failure. The taper was so short.
So I used my longer tapers from my acrylic stretching set (a cardinal sin if you ask "stretching experts") and they went right in. I felt the normal pinch but no blood and decided I'd leave the tapers in all day or longer which I've never done before but hear for some people it made putting the plug in easier (another cardinal sin of the pious piercing community...if you're going to modify your body do it because you like it, not so you can sit on a faux thrown and act like you're experience is gospel. Every body is completely different). 
Well on my way to work with the tapers still in that made me look like I had been staked by Buffy, I remembered when sitting at a red light in Troy there was a store that said it sold every kind of body jewelry. I was a bit ambivalent and wondered if it was even opened or shut down. Well I found it and went in and it was the Mecca of body jewelry. 
I'm so use to havin to buy thing online and wondering what it's actually made of, if it's the right size, (the "steel" tunnels that came with both stretching kits I realized I was allergic too and probably only plated with steel which caused irritation not allowing the first zero stretch to heal)etc.  and the man who worked there was just wonderful. 
I only go to one tattoo shop, true tattoo because they aren't pious and every other tattoo/body piercing parlor I've went to are pious and judgmental. And my piercer got married and moved. I miss him dearly. He's done all my piercings but two I swear he has some kind of maid because with every piercin he's done on me they all healed at a much faster rate then the radicals online claim they should have. 
Well anywho...not only was the store beautiful but the prices were amazing. I ended up buying these beautiful stone single flair plugs and these acrylic plugs that have skulls in them.
I'm definitely going back. Shopping online isn't worth the hassle and this guy was just so knowledgable and showed me anything I wanted to see, didn't make me feel like I should bow down for walking in, didn't belong or was a ease of time because I'm not my dearly missed Keith. 
Well I got to to work and the man I support decided he wanted what he calls a "stay at home day" so I went in the bathroom after having the tapers in for 4 or 5 hours prepared for the usual. Undoing the o rings around the taper, trying to push the plug through, causing a tear and having to start all over again. Well that didn't happen! I pushed the taper out by pushing the new stone plugs in and it was like my ears let out a happy sigh. Because they're made of stone they were cool and went in with no problem. It's as if I didn't go up a size! I'm one happy boy. 
I know I'm going up to double zero at least but if there aren't  tapers past double zero which I've heard are hard to find I may stop there. I'd like to get to Maria Brink's size but I don't know how big hers are. I won't go ridiculously huge though. I don't need earlobes down to my shoulders. And I want them to be able to shrink to a reasonable size and not have to go to a plastic surgeon to have my earlobes look "normal" if I decide to stop or don't want them anymore. 
Headed for the second part of my double. An overnight! Whoopie!  Another week where my head will be in a haze because I get out of the overnight at 8am and have to be back at work at 2 so I'll get 3 hours of sleep max. But this is the last week of the double trouble. I'm also going to stop signing up for Friday mornings. It's a lot easier to stay late than get up early. 

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