Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cat got your tongue

My week off begins. Although my management keeps referring to it as a vacation, last time I checked a vacion involves rest, not unpaid manual labor compromised of packin boxes and throwing away things...and some things you weren't aware you owned and aren't sure if they were living at one point. 
I had a fairly decent day if you subtract the packing. I got my year supply of contacts which I am just over the moon about it. 
On the man front I'm pretty sure I'm wasting my time with Target guy. The initial attention was nice but there's really no substance. 
Sirsy, my all time favorite band is having a show ridiculously close to my house and I invited him on a date. He doesn't drive as he is from the city so I offered to pick him up and I could be the designated driver considering I don't drink in public and I can't get a straight answer out of him (pun intended). But I just can't stop texting him, baiting him, and waiting for his replies. I need to give someone my phone and have them delete his number. 

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