Monday, October 28, 2013

There's a killer in my corner

Finally had our staff meeting today that was supposed to have happened several times previous today and what I thought would happen was exactly what I thought would. 
After months of doing EXACTLY what I'm suppose to be doing and going above and beyond the job description and continuously cleaning and recleaning other co-workers messes and in some cases being the only cleaning anything we sit down at the staff meeting and the finger pointing predicted, in my direction. 
I was thrown for so many unforeseen loops that it was as if I had vertigo again. Discussions that were taking place about me behind my back, an employee given permission to not clean because apparently one day I let a pan in the sink, and so on and so forth. 
I was gobsmacked. Not because the tables had turned on me because being the newest staff I'm the easiest target and it's the most predictable of predictable actions in these situations, but by the boldly outrageous lies. 
I thought I had left this behind with the daycare buisness but apparently it's all the same with just better benefits.
Once again I've been slapped in the face for doing my job my well and after this happening so many times in the past you'd think I'd realize doing subpar work garners the least amount of attention, positive or negative. 
There really was no true resolution at the end of the staff meeting, other than my resolution to transfer the very day I can when there is an opening at another site I want to be a part of. 
So in answer to my repeated questions- how many people does it take to empty a dishwasher? Just 1 and more specifically me. Who's duty is it as a team member to maintain the cleanliness of my consumer's dwelling? You guessed it! Mine. 
Well I have from Tuesday to Sunday off. Let's see how everything looks when I come back. Probably the same want always does when I'm not working- like a bomb went off. 
Once again I'm in a position where it all falls to me. Yippeeee!

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