Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elietest stretchers

I can't stand most people but I mainly can't stand people who do things so they can judge other people. 
The hipster/emo/Kurt Cobain wanna be pictured above with my apt discription decided to attack me via twitter like a high schooler because my ears aren't as stretched as his are. A normal occurrence among younger men who stretch their ears.  They don't do it because they enjoy the experience or how it looks but so they can have one more means of measuring their activities so they can feel better about lacking in other ways. But note the ass above. If you look at his ears you can tell that they weren't even stretched properly. Notice the redness. And notice the fistula of the ear showing around the plug. 
All he's done is ruinin his ears by stretching the wrong way so he could reach a bigger size sooner... And this approach could be applied to many other ways men handle things. 
His ear lobes are permanately damaged and the lower part of the lobe, bright red, isn't receiving proper circulation and will eventually die. 
I expect this sort of things from guys like him. What I didn't expect was that he'd bring my homosexuality into the bashing.
What that has to do with stretching my ears I have no idea. And then brining the size of my genetalia. ...again, what does that have to do with stretching my ears I have no clue. But if you're going to pick an insult I wouldn't lead with that one. 
I just don't understand the purpose of doing something or believing in something so you can judge others. 
Had he wanted to discuss stretching he'd know I'm no novice. I've been stretching my ears since I was 16 on and off. This time around after my previous experiences I've reached the largest gauge I've ever gotten to. My last stretching attempt ended at an 8 when I caused a small tear that wouldn't heal. Now I'm at a zero, 3 sizes larger. He would also probably gain some knowledge about what he had done and should be doing. 
I do and believe in things because I enjoy them. Not so I can sit on a throne of empty monster energy drinks while spinning the latest my chemical romance album. 

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