Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You're right she can't be tamed and she won't stop

I was checking the billboard music site to see if they had posted anything about the projected sales of Miley's new album and if soundscan had any information on how many hard copies were purchased today as the deluxe version is number 1 and the standard edition is number 9 respectively on iTunes. 
Well I was more than pissed that the ONLY article I could find was about how her first attempt at a breakaway from Hannah Montanna failed and why. I've been saying this all along (& at times screaming this at the television). 
It enraged me. Mainly because the article mentioned her last album, Can't Be Tamed (the album the subject of her first attempt and subsequent failure at trying to distance herself from Hannah Montanna) in passing glossing over why it failed so they could tear apart her new album. 
It failed as a breakaway album because it was too close to her finishing Hannah Montanna and she had just turned 18. Her main audience, the Tweens of the universe who when I was younger dictated what was going on in music, but now have only mild influence over who makes the big leagues. Most teens and young adults weren't buying her music. And young adults my age at the time who were almost on the other side of being able to enjoy Hannah Montanna when it premiered were starting to move on. 
I and a few co-workers didn't. We still watched the show, went to the movie (that I subsequently got kicked out of for being ridiculously drunk and offended too many parents with my musical outburts [they kicked me out but I managed to get back in within minutes by putting my sunglasses and sweatshirt on in the bathroom...missed maybe 5 minutes and my friend at the time wadded up my sweatshirt and stuffed it in my face everytime a song would come on so I wouldn't get kicked out twice]) and just enjoyed her because we were preschool teachers and our kids were obsessed with her, oblivious to the franchise's extinguishing flame and we were all just glad to have an actress/singer who didn't sing abou fruit or abcs. 
But like with most anything if the majority didn't see it happen or didn't buy it it didn't happen.
So a divide is created. Adults, oblivious to their children's interests and oblivious to the fact that Hannah Montana was over and had been over are suddenly outraged as if this "shocking" "new" Miley was in fact new and this crossover to a more young adult/adult audience just came out of the blue to serve one purpose- destroy their children's already rotted and perverted drug taking minds. 
Then there's people like me who saw the progression slowly happening. 
And the journalist's review was just ridiculous. Reading it you could tell their only intention from the mention of a new album was to rip it apart whether or not the actual album was good. 
Why does every music artist have to be some "understated" (but somehow smothered in the media) "artist" trying to make some impact, some dent in the musical universe. 
Why can't we have albums and music artists who make music that is just fun to listen to? 
Is the album jaw droppingly awesome? No. And believe me, this pop whore extraordinaire knows deliciously hollow and vapid pop when he hears it.
They are 4 songs that are quite solid, 2 of which have already been made singles and it seems to me like there is a lot of filler. But I think this can be attributed to the fact this is her first noticed attempt at trying to enter the adult music scene. You can clearly tell she's finding her sound and if she had kept it in the style of We Can't Stop I think it would have been a (what i like to call) "let it play" album.  Overall I enjoy it. But it's not a throw away album.
Yes she's controversial, yes she's shocking but this is what I love about her because this is what I love about me. 
And- too all the oblivious 40 something's and up out there MDMA/ Molly isn't new, teens and young adults have been taking it for decades. I took it in college a few times. Wasn't my gig. I'm already a highly strung person and don't need a pill to fan that flame, with the added euphoria or not. And Madonna named an album after it last year and Justin Timberlake sings about it on his new album. It's time to let it go. Because both her and i won't stop. 

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