Thursday, October 3, 2013

I wish that I could have this moment 4 I don't

I wish at a job interview people would be truthful about what the job actually is. But the. Again I guess that would require the applicant to also be truthful about themselves. 
I have a HUGE problem with taking things personal and I'm sensitive to the point of an exposed nerve. I've tried to work on this for years to no avail.
It has made people take me less seriously and consider any feelings I have to be erratic.
But I'll never understand why in the professional world good accomplishments are ignored, unnoticed, or erased in favor of negative ones. 
It makes you want to do less. It makes you want to coast and to not go above and beyond.
And it seems like when you do rise above or do more than is asked or make any extra effort you put a spot light on yourself and people just can't wait to tear you down so they can continue performing subpar. 
And after all these years with more than my fair share of occupations you'd think I'd learn by now that doing anything extra or going above and beyond only gets you gone.
Guess this is what happens when you're raised by a good mother who give you good morals and work ethic. 

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