Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things that annoy me

Today when I got to work I was 15 minutes early so I thought I would walk to wake myself up and get some extra steps on my pedometer (I had my pepper spray in the ready position just in case...Troy is just awful). 
Well I was walking down the block and had to stop at a bus stop to take a drink out my water bottle. 
This was a bus stop without a shelter so everyone was miserably waiting, smoking, busy looking annoyed, or texting. I took a few sips and this elderly lady approaches me. She had one of those charming roller carts that makes even the nicest dressed person look homeless. 
She complimented me on my tie dyed sweater and asked me where I got it. So I told her I made it at a party the disabled person I support threw. She was very impressed and asked me to turn around so she could see the back. 
She then looked at my face and complimented "my earrings". I told her thank you and explained that they were actually plugs made out of stone. She looked completely puzzled. So i explained I'm in the process of stretching my ear lobes. 
Her expression completely changed. She proclaimed it was disgusting and that I looked like a negro tribe member and shuffled off as the black people at the bus stop gave her stink eyes. 
I wasn't phased.  She was elderly. But it just made me think that maybe it's not the youth and young adults that are to blame for making this world a worse place but elderly women and men like her who if there is even a slight difference that doesn't match up with the way grew up they write people off (or I'm this case compare you to a tribe member living in a by made of poo.)
I easily could have said her face reminded me of a ziplock bag filled with expired cottage cheese, that her Clairol home dye job didn't come out brown but orange instead because her hair is completely white underneath and that this savage could tell her what color to use, I could've called her a racist, told her she should look into a hover round because her waddling reminded me of a drunken penguin but none of this would have changed her mind. 
I really think we need to look at the older people in the world who refuse to change or adjust to a world that's constantly changing. 
I truly hope when I age I don't manage to get struck in the world tha was. 
I mean how does that even happen?  At what point do these elderly people become stuck and reject everything around them. And how do they continue to find those hideous polyester slacks? 
I guess my main point is if you don't continue to evolve or even adjust a little as things change what will you turn into? The bitter old lady I ran into today? 

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