Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Forget the haters

I'm having a pretty awful day. Why? I can't really pinpoint it. My body just feels like every nerve is on edge for no reason. Well perhaps there are some reasons. 
I had a double overnight last night which would throw the most with it person for a few loops. I went home, got four hours of sleep and slept until 1pm so I got absolutely no time to chat with my mom. I had to get up and go. I was so disoriented when I went to call my mom I checked my phone to make sure she'd be up and it was 3pm...I thought it was 8am. 
And I have barely packed anything as the moving date gets closer everyday. Luckily my manager is VERY understanding and let me off the extra Fridays I signed up to work and all Friday I will be focusing on packing what I want to take with meand worry   about what I don't last. But as I think of the things I actually want to take to the new house there are so few things I actually do. 
I think my main problem was tha I started worrying about all the stuff I didn't want to take first which, as I've said before, when you've lived in the same house for 27 years, your crap pile qualifies for a 3 part hoarders episode. Friday my sole goal is to pack what's coming with me. Once all that's out of the way the crap can just be left. If I can get it all in one pile, great. If I can't, so be it. We hired a guy to remove all the crap we don't want (god bless him...he has no idea what he's in for!). 
In other news- changed my phone case again. I'm totally an otterbox whore. Tried the lifeproof case and the idea is amazing but it makes everything so difficult. It muffles the ringtones and music if you play it out loud and to plug in an aux cable or headphones you have to unscrew this little plug that's almost impossible not to loose. So I've gone back to otterboxes. I got a pink cameo one. Why? I don't know. I don't hunt and I wouldn't say I'm out doorsey but it just struck me as pretty. Here's a picture of it:
It's kind of funny that it sort of meshes with my over lack of continuity when it comes to my style. 
I finally got to see the heat. I bought it and finally got a chance to watch it. So funny. Very few movies make me laugh out loud but this movie rated very high on the I almost peed my pants scale.  And the bloopers are hysterical. Melissa McCarthy is like my dream actor to work with. She is just ridiculously funny. 
  I managed to do something to the side of my tongue that didn't have the cancer and of course i am in panic mode again. If it weren't for zilactin B I'd be even more of a mess. It's the only otc oral numbing agent that creates a protective barrier and makes me think about in way less. If you suffer from canker sores you need to get this product. It's a little pricey but 1 tube will last you a while because you don't need much. The only truly annoying aspect of this product is the "affected area" has to be completely dry so you have to awkwardly dry where ever it hurts and then let it dry for a minute. Well when you're putting it on your tongue there is no way to make this process look pretty. Luckily I'm alone a lot of the time so no one is watching but if they do-fuck 'em. You try peeling your tongue off your teeth every morning because your mouth is beyond dry (think desert but even less moisture). You're bound to hurt your STILL healing tongue. 
In other news: I have an appointment Tuesday to get contacts. I'm excited. It all depends on my eyes, there's always the chance you can't wear contacts at all, but I'm hopeful. 
It really has nothing to do with vanity. I love wearing glasses. I'm just sick of having to keep track of prescription sunglasses that I can't afford to replace. And I'd like to just be able to buy a bunch of cheapies and keep them stashed everywhere. 
The man on the phone said there's a strong possibility that if they have my prescription in stock I could walk away with them that day! Unless I don't pass the class which apparently your success is determined by your ability to put them in and take them off. I can touch my eyeball so hopefully it won't be problem. 
I'm hoping I can get the ones you can sleep in so I can go to sleep watching tv instead of having to close my eyes and listen to the movie instead. 
Well tomorrow my schedule goes back to normal. Hopefully I'll be less jittery. 

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