Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gay Code

Well it would appear I jumped the gun and scared the aforementioned guy away. 
It all seemed like it was going so well. I finally met someone in public who I was attracted to, who I gave my number to who actually used it who I spoke to on the phone for an hour last night, exchanged sexy pictures and even texted and spoke to on the phone this morning....and BAM! Nothing. 
Perhaps the contacts gave me too much confidence to wield like Frodo with the ring (YES I did just make a lord of the rings reference whilst trying to convey that I'm sexy and worth it). 
I just don't understand men. At all. It's not like I can use myself as a frame of reference. I've never met anyone like me ever. If I don't like someone I'm upfront about it. 
I'm just a bit crestfallen. I thought maybe, just maybe my dry spell had finally let up and things were turning around. 
No- I don't have lesbian tendencies. I didn't book a uhaul or expect any kind of commitment or anything really. The texting and phone attention were enough. And may I just say taking those sexy pictures was no small task. Between taking and retaking and retaking and retouching I was exhausted. 
Bu this brings me to my first edition of girl code. 
Today's subject- the predate
Don't assume because you meet someone in public whom you find attractive and give your number to who uses it is actually intending on doing anything with you. 9 times out of 10 your conversations will taper off and amount to wasted breath and fifer taps. 
Also- don't even THINK about going to all the trouble of manscaping until the day before your date. To get all up in those nooks and cranies with an electric razor only to have someone suddenly stop talking to you throws off your whole routine. And if someone does come along after you have gone to all that trouble you can't go back and make it look all fresh again. 
And DON'T go and buy condoms. You're going to look at the value pack you thought would be a good buy at the time and cry because you are SO not having sex that many times. 
In conclusion- another one bites the dust, men suck, and I have a completely hairless nether region and 24 condoms for no reason...

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