Thursday, December 19, 2013

Phil Robertson

How anyone can think that this man expressing his hatred and misguided interpretations of the bible is beyond me.  I'm seeing all these memes and graphics on Facebook of people proclaiming they support his right to state his opinion or worse, comparing him to our president as if that's even possible. 
If anyone else had made the remarks regarding black people or homosexuals we, as a nation would be after them with pitch forks and torches. Is it because this man is clearly a red neck white piece of trash that it's OK and we don't expect anything more?  
We will condemn Miley Cyrus for twerking and acting in a suggestive manner but it's OK for this inbred to say racially insensitive things and to condemn homosexuals? 
Martin Luther King Jr would be turning his grave.  Does this person have the right to express and assert his opinion? Absolutely. But his not above criticism and condemnation.   If I had openly said on my Facebook all fat people are disgusting and do it to themselves I wouldn't hear the end of it.  I don't feel that way.  I was born naturally thin and have never had to watch my weight.  But I would face a never ending stream of condemnation and hatred.  
This person, I won't say man because a real man doesn't need to judge others to be one, deserves the same fate.  Heaven forbid a "human" suffer the consequences of his statements when he is on a tv show of such high quality and cultural importance...
Do I as a homosexual hate him? No.  I wouldn't expect anything less.  What I don't understand is people defending him like he's the Pope or some one else of mass influence. He's from a show about white trash that makes duck whistles.
Yes we all have the right to freedom of speech.  But we all face the same fate and repercussions of saying whatever we feel whenever we feel.

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