Thursday, December 12, 2013


So most of you know I have a problem with being early. I can't help it. I'm always early. I loathe the feeling of being late and I like to be prepared just in case some unforeseen circumstances disrupts everything. 
Well here I am sitting in the parking lot of the daycare where I'm going to have my second interview and the director just left...
that and I don't know if the guy I was suppose to go on a date with after my second interview is still planning on going out with me. It's been two days and I've heard nothing. 
God save me if my second interview gets rescheduled or canceled since in addition to having a talent of getting fired I also have a knack for having job offers being taking back. 
One of my goals I'm adding to my list is just expect the unexpected and then you'll never have to worry. After 27 years of roaming this little pebble we call each I've never met anyone more plan oriented or on time besides my mother. 
If I don't get this job today fast food here I come! Nothing will motivate me more to do my best than slapping a patty on a bun, asking my obese customer if they'd like fries with that or slapping taco meat into someone's shell and asking them crunchy or soft.
blehhh.   Things still aren't good at home either. They're slightly less volatile but my mother and I tried to have a discussion and it just turned into another argument.   Well cheers. Wish me luck!

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