Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, Monday

AAnother Monday. 2 days until my court date, one day until my interview for an after school teaching position and possibly 3 days until I find out if I lose my current job. 
Its Mondays like this that are especially hard to find a reason to get up. I just wish I could Fast forward to Wednesday,  hear what the ruling will be and then report back to my current job, have them make a decision so I can move on instead of feeling like I'm floating in some sort of void. 
Today I will be testing two families' water and I've almost sold a unit at 2 out of 3 of my appointments. Not just because this is my current trade, but I would really like to have one of the water systems in my house. It just makes sense. Especially after I test your water and you what's in it. And what it actually looks like. 
I do have to say my faith in where I currently work letting me keep my job is so diminished I won't be gobsmacked if they say ,"we're going to let you go".  Maybe it's time to return to teaching. Where I really belong. 

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