Sunday, December 1, 2013


I done know if any of what I'm going to write here because my brain has been jelly lately and I don't proof read let alone go back and reread my entries unless I'm trying to find a particular something I wrote because someone either didn't understand it or claimed I wrote something different. BUT I got some new friends for my Betta fish, Gandalf. Well not friends exactly. I originally got a blue mystery snail to put in the tank 
Because every other snail I've had has been ssomewhat fascinating to watch and quite active and because they eat algae and clean up the tank. Well the blue mystery snail I got is ridiculously boring. So I got a gold mystery snail which I had before and named him Saurmon like the previous one I had and he's as exciting as a snail can get. He gets himself into some pretty ridiculous positions that he seems to enjoy. He's pictured up at the top. He resembles a big booger but a cute big booger. 
Then I got 3 African dwarf frogs. I originally got one but it just hid all the time and I read online they're more comfortable in pairs so I got two more. Still really boring unless you happen to wake up during the night, then they're zipping around. 
Well because they hide they're hard to find in the tank during the day. So for the past two days I could only find two. Well this morning I got up ridiculously early and there were two zipping around so now I'm pretty sure one jumped ship, or the aquarium as it were. I'm dreading finding it considering they are completely aquatic and he will basically be a dried up flat frog. 
Oh the joys of having an aquarium. 

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