Saturday, December 7, 2013

an island never cries

To day was a decent day . I didn't aved a pile of dvds and cds I didn't want anymore but planned on selling to fye at some point sedentarytoday was the day I did it. I got two bo. s justthe next size up tapers for my ears. But I was brutally reminded of why I avoid retail establishments of any kind during the holiday season. It's as if poison has been injected in everyone's brain and turns them into feral beasts
I waited in line like I've done in the past to sell them the. tems and basically got sc. ded by an employee named Paul who stank of pot who screamed that I was going to have to wait out of line until there wasn't a line because he needed to ring out the regular customers. Well I politely said, disreg. ding his tone that I too am a regular customer and shop here (at fye) all the time even when it isn't the holidays and he persisted to tell me I wasn't a regular customer and I wasn't buying anything and he needed to pay attention to the people who were ,"actually spending money, not taking it".  So I politely said that's fine...your name is paul? While I'm waiting I'll just call customer service and tell them about your decorum and the fact you wreak of pot and how you're treating and classifying customers. Magically he could wait on me. At the end of the tally of all the things I had sold them which was a nice amount but nothing extravagant he asked me if I wanted cash or store credit. I politely and cheerfully replied I'll take cash since I'm not a regular customer and you said I'm taking money from you so I'll do just that and spend it elsewhere. 
I just dont understand how the holiday season brings out the absolute worst in people. If youre going to be a miserable shopper or miserable retail worker stay at home. Buy your
gifts online.
at any rate today was a nice distraction from me sitting at home worrying about what im going to do for work. Hopefully i'll get the teaching job at the preschool i interviewed with on friday and won't have to worry. And i have another interview monday for another daycare and sent my resumé into another daycare looking for floaters. I also submitted an application to two restuarants. 
Apparently i have the option to return to the arc in 6 months but i would really have to do some soul searching to see if thats the right move for me and if that is my truth. I just don't think i can support an organization that creates a dreamland for the folks we work with in which consequences apply but most of the time don't, that will allow an individual i work with punch me and chase me around with a butcher knife but i make one mistake and i get shown the door. 
I'll be frank and honest.  I didn't enjoy my job the way i did working with children. I was working with a man who had accepted a sedentary life because of the way his "amazing" staff had treated him.  I came in with a different attitude. I wanted to him to have quality to his life. I made so much progress with him and it wasnt even weighed on the scale of whether or not to continue my employment. Not to mention my assistant manager who only antagonized him and forced him to do things for her convince.  Not to mention she admitted she did drugs and was open about it. yet her i lay on my bed barred from talking to the man i worked with who cared and made progress with him but am not even allowed to talk to him.  Would you go back?

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