Monday, December 9, 2013


The arc, wwhere I use to work is a total joke. How they can say they have the best intentions for the people they're "responsible" for and treat like human beings instead of animals or retards is beyond me. No wonder my mother never trusted my sister to one of these organizations. 
I was told when I was put on "extended administrative leave" was that they'd prefer I didn't talk with the guy I directly supported. Well given I ACTUALLY got to know him I knew if he didn't hear it from me that I wouldn't be working with him anymore (. Without the specifics) he would think either it was his fault
Or I didn't care about him or both. So I decided
To call him. The ignorant trashy douche who was my assistant manager tried to tell me I couldn't and I was like um pretty sure you can't control how he uses his phone. so she said call back in 15 minutes so i can call one of the superiors. So while she was busy trying to find a way to control his phone usage and by proxy treating him like a child I called the justice center which is like social services but for adults with disabilities.  They said not only did she not have the right to deny him a phone call but it constitued abuse. Needless to say i gladly gave them her first and last name and called back and told her what they said and i got to talk to him. I told him due to things beyond everyones control i couldnt work with him anymore.  It wasnt his fault, we were still friends, and he could call me anytime...all the while my former trashy assitant manager was swearing and cursing me out in the background....and im the one on leave.
well today i found a preschool i can totally give my heart and soul to and as long as i do well on my second interview thursday i have the job. They are even going to help me get my cda renewed.
things are starting to look up.

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