Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All this time

Why hello 3 am. I and haven't missed you.  But thankfully law order svu is on and I remembered to fill my zerowater pitcher before I went to bed. 
Had an interesting day yesterday.  It took me forever to get to captain's treasures and for the first time ever I fish tailed and hit a yield sign. It wasn't that alarming.  What was alarming was that I counted 12
cars that passed me and didn't even hesistate to help me. I ended up getting unstuck. 
My drive  slightly more entertaining. I drove slowly and cautiously and every moron
who had an suv or a truck passed me like i was mentally challenged.
then.I'm maybe ten minutes from my house and there is an 18 wheeler almost on it's side and a cop crazily trying to perform magic to get it to stop and stopped all the other 18 wheelers that, judging from their facial expressions had been there for a while. And just when i was mimutes away i got stuck at the train tracks as the never ending train passed by at a snail's pase. 
It was fun at captains treasures. The day was slow. Well here's hoping i can go back to sleep.

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