Thursday, December 5, 2013


Sitting at the main office of the building of my current job (or soon to be former job) to turn in the court's decision. The court basicalky threw it out but its still at my job's discretion as to whether or not I'll still be employed here.  
It's as if I'm invisible. So much for confidentiality. I only told a handful of coworker what actually happened and of course my second highest superior but somehow it would appear that the entire administrative office was given a memo on the subject. My evidence? People i know in the administrative office have either looked at me like my dog died or aren't even looking at or acknowledging my existence. So much for guilty until proven innocent and for being truthful. Both lessons we have drilled into our head our entire lives that don't actually mean anything. The court decided im not guilty. But as the moments pass as i wait to speak with my second highest superior i beginning to think what i thought all along- no matter what the court's decision is my job is a thing of the past. 
If they choose to fire me despite the court ruling I truly have nothing to worry about. I have 3 different preschools that want me  so one way or the other I'll have a job. 
I maintain that what I did wasn't right by any means but it's not as if I murdered someone or robbed a liquor store. Not mention the crime I was accused of I wasn't charged with. 
In reading Bethenny Frankel's book, a place of yes, this is where breaking the chain comes into play. 
It doesn't matter what anyone here thinks of me. I'm a good person who made a mistake but in my time here I've shown my capabilities and skills and I need to break the chain of expecting other people to realize and appreciate that. I recognize and appreciate that. There's never going to be a job on this entire planet where you are ever truly valued and there is never going to be a place in this world where you are considered good or appreciated as much as you should be. 

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