Friday, December 13, 2013

"hello! am I bothering you? I just wanted to let you know you're officially terminated"

Today as I was finishing up the subbing I've been doing at a previous preschool i worked at I get a phone call from one of the superiors from the arc.  I figured he was calling because I had emailed him to let him know I couldn't pick up belongings as planned because I was busy but truly just because I didn't want to deal with it. Having to walk through the office with a scarlet letter stapled to my forehead "there's the lower who got arrested who is on unpaid administrative leave". I had a good day with the kids and was feeling pretty good and didn't want to spoil it. Well that wasn't he was calling about. He was calling to let me know I was "officially terminated" because I reached out to the guy I was working with to reassure him that due to circumstances beyond everyone's control i couldn't work with him anymore but that he was still my friend and I still cared for him. That he could call me anytime to hang out or talk. 
Well the bitch who answered his phone and tried to interfere with me speaking with him called this superior and made up a whole bunch of lies about how I was contacting her regularly to get information on the guy I was working with. 
I shouldn't be surprised by her actions. From the first day I met her i knew she was one of those people who thrives on drama. Most of the time I spent shadowing with her consisted of inhaling her secondhand smoke in the agencies' van while she was Facebook messaging people who were causing one problem or another and speaking to me as if I knew them. That her openness about her illicit drug use and constantly spreading rumors about any staff member that wasn't within ear shot. But me, being blessed enough to have a small part of my grandmother in me was naive enough to keep trying to seek out the good...even when she'd have to take her partial out to eat because meth had rotted out half her teeth.  
I basically laughed at him.  You really can't terminate someone who isn't getting paid. Clearly me losing this job was a gift. And she'll get hers. Like when her kids grow up and remember how mommy ignored them so she could sleep with her meth addicted boyfriend or that she completely ignored her autistic child's needs. 

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