Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'm slowly losing faith in this daycare I got hired at but have yet to start.  It's the first daycare I've ever gotten a job offer where you don't get hired and start the next day while you're waiting for your clearances to go through.  And with my clearances always take longer than most because I'm a male and haven't lived in a million different houses. 
Who knows. Maybe this time it will be quicker. But if I don't start by the end of the next week I'm going to have to start look for a new job which would be a shame because I REALLY want to work at this preschool. 
My community service is going well. I'm working with a great group of people and have been able to dress a few mannequins and change some of the store around. It restores my faith in people a little bit.
I'm always quite thrilled because my capcap came in the mail today. 
If you know me I refuse to drink water out of anything other than a nalgene bottle.  Well I recently purchased the brand new 48oz wide mouth bottle nalgene came out with.  It really makes a huge difference.  If I drink two full bottles out of this bottle I've more than reached my daily intake. But because it's a wide mouth even with the splash guard I still get the occasional crotch spill which makes it look as though I wet myself. Well the capcap screws on to the top of the wide mouth bottle and make it have a smaller opening. I love it. Completely genius. And I'm still swooning over my zerowater pitcher.  

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