Wednesday, December 18, 2013

At what point

At what point do you give up? 
I have 3 people who I'm on the precipice of giving up on but I don't know if that is the right thing to do or if my feeling negative because of their actions is enough. 
The fist? Someone I've gotten close to fast and know it's as if I've become an annoyance.  Whenever I talk to them there is always some excuse to not hang out or spend time together even though I was sure we were friends. 
The second? A boy I've had a crush on since middle school who persists I'm making more of our brief time together than should be. I haven't made any demands or applied any pressure. I haven't tried to pressure him into a definition of what we are or aren't. I just generally enjoyed his company and genuinely enjoyed his company. Nothing less, nothing more...and suddenly because I reach out and text him I've become some sort of codependent monster.   I'm not meant to have friends lovers or brothers and I'd get into that but there's way too many people who can't wait for me to say something about my twin so they can stir the pot.
I give up. 

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