Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We're moving

We're moving. It's official and surreal. 
When you live in the same house, same home for 27 years it becomes a part of you. 
I've been trying to hold to the "if you haven't touched it in 6 months get rid of it" idea, which is a good one unless you have 27 years of items to weed through and then the entire concept backfires because you're swimming in crap, some of which you didn't even know you had. 
It's been both fun and disastrous as I try to weed through mountains and mountains of crap ( not fecal matter, just things I could kick myself for not throwing out years ago.  After being an avid hoarders fan for years I feel like the distinction had to be made). Memories keep popping up. Both good and bad, funny and sad, or altogether disastrous. 
As I weed through the items I'm surprised at some of the things I come across.
Apparently I kept every lesson plan I ever made when I worked at North Country Academy. That brought back some painful memories but then an imidiate rush of exhilaration when I remembered I don't work there anymore. To think of all the hours I poured over those lesson plans which were really just a clever ruse to trap you in the office for an hour and scream all your inadaquicies at you until you cry. Needless to say they all ended up in the steadily growing trash pile. 
I found some year books and glanced at the autographs and well wishes of so many people who I barely remember or, contrary to their entry never made it into my adult life. 
I found most of my old choir and honor choir sheet music that I was suppose to give back but never did. That brought back some good memories of a time when no one wanted me around there but one angel like woman gave me a chance and believed in me. She gave me the confidence I had been craving and kept all the naysayers and hecklers at bay. She's the reason I still sing today. 
I thought for sure I'd find a forgotten about pack of cigarettes or cleverly hidden pot stash. No luck on either accounts. 
Mostly I'm just happy to have a fresh start. To purge all the needless things and all the clutter and to get away from a town that has never wanted me. 
I'm also happy I'll have a new adress that no one will be privy to unless I decide to share it, especially the last school I worked at which just can't seem to move on or away from me like I have.  
There are so many opportunities ahead and I can't wait to take advantage of each one. 
For now I'll just keep adding to my crap pile until we actually move into the new house. 

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