Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I want to lead a country one day for all I know

The bling ring was fantastic. It took me a bit to figure out the lead guy was gay.
I love that it's based on true story. 
It brought back some fond memories of my fun but poor teenage/ early 20's choices. 
Unlike the film I live no where near a celebrity unless you count that guy from the partridge family who got arrested a few counties over for driving under the influence of alcohol and other low rent drugs. Guess when the money runs out meth will do the trick in a pinch.
And even if I lived near celebrity homes I would never consider robbing a house. I mean when I use to baby sit for lower middle class families I was always paranoid there were teddy cams or other survilance cleverly hidden. I can only imagine the kind of paranoia I would endure in a celebrities home that is probably clad in survilance, stashed in every nook and crany. 
However I did become a pro shoplifter. It started out of need and then became a trill I got addicted to. I went from stashing medicine and face washes I needed into my bag to other bigger ticks items I didn't need and most of the time didn't really want in the first place.
That part of my life is over but it did prove to me that big chain stores may have a camera in every aisle but no one is paying attention. I remember on more than a few occasions just walking out of the store with something and no one stopping me.
I stopped doing it not for myself, but for my family. I didn't want to out them in danger if I ever got caught and cost them even more money. 
I wouldn't say I was kleptomaniac but it did provide a certain thrill that never lasted. 
But back to the film. Emma Watson's acting was beyond on pointe. I didn't have Harry Potter flashbacks or see as Hermoine for one second. Although I will say she did own her accent drop a few times. 
The scenes where the gay character was dolling out fashion advice brought me back to highschool where my girlfriends wouldn't buy anything without my opinion.
I will say this movie should not be watched by any capacity. It would appear that my generation was the last generation to be able to seperated reality from fantasy. 
All you have to do is go on YouTube and see the teens filling shot glasses with hand sanitizer and then promptly cupping the shot glass over their eyeball in a shrewd attempt to get wasted faster. Or, my personal favorite, the teens who are shitting in plastic soda bottles, attaching a balloon to the top and leaving it outside in the sun until the balloon fills with their own shit gas which they hurt from the balloon. 
I'll admit, I made my fair share of exquisitly bad and dangerous choices but none of those choices were because I saw them on tv or in a movie. 
Bottom line this movie was an unexpected treat and make me want to read the book on which it was based. 
And an added bonus the girl from the first season of American Horror Story is in it as well.
And did I mention Emma Watson was flawless? 
I'm sure parents across the nation will rally against this movie because it showcases underage drinking, drug use, and well, robbery...and because parents these days also lack the ability to decipher between a movie that that gives you a glimpse into a one in a million situation and where there children live. 
Sorry parents- as far as the underage drinking and drug use go your teen probably has that on lock with or without the help of this film. 
This viewer gives it 4 stars if you take the film for what it really is. It wasn't intended to make any great statement or achieve critical acclaim, it was just simply meant to enjoy and escape...which in my opinion is what movies should be about. 


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