Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'll never understand the concept of attacking someone from behind the computer. 
I'll admit that I'm verbally aggressive and can be a bitch but behind a computer or not I'm the same all around. I wouldn't openly proclaim anything online I wouldn't say to your face.
Maybe we were better off before computers, smartphones, or telephones in general. I'm sure a lot less negativity so was so easily spread around because people would actually have to muster up the courage and gumption to say whatever nasty thing it's is they want to say. 
The Internet can be a place of freedom and an ocean o resources or a cesspool of vile words thoughtlessly typed out and clicked on without a thought or having to suffer any immediate reaction. 
But that was back when people believed in dignity and respect. 2 concepts thrown out the window for every petty disagreement. 
But I digress. 

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