Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everybody's working for the weekend

I had a really good weekend. 
I was suppose to work overtime on Friday but needed to get packing for the big move. 
It felt wonderful to sleep in...except for the fact today I was up at 5am for no reason and did what anyone does who gents up at 5am and can't go back to sleep no matter how many antihistamines or melatonin you take- go to walmart. 
Walmart is a completely different land late night or early morning. It's quiet and as peaceful as a glorified warehouse lit in every direction with unflattering fluorescents can be. 
You also get to see all the employees who are the magic behind the re-stocking. They're more like zombies than employees but they get the job done. 
I wandered among the aisles in a dream-like state. I only needed a moisturizing shampoo as the bottle of Finesse 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner only made my hair feel like straw instead of the moisturized manageable mane the bottle promised. 
I found a moisture promising shampoo and lucked out on finding a mismarked shaver that should've been $65 but was wrongly marked $5 (my brother and I were sharing one right up until I found out he wasn't using it to shave his face....and I can only shave with an electric razor as from my lymph node dysection I can't feel one side of my face). 
I also purchased AXE for her which I just couldn't resist the smell.
I headed home shortly thereafter and my body gracefully allowed me a nap. 
Later my family and the guy I'm dating went to the  biyearly flea market. There a found some vinyl gems that I can't help but gush over.
I did run into one vendor who was selling records at absurd prices. As I was browsing through their "collection" I came across several albums I had purchased for at most a dollar. After finding a Barbra Streisand record I already own 5 copies of marked $30 dollar I loudly announced that I had 5 copies that were collectively a $1.50. After an embarrassed look from the vendor who knew I was hip to their price gouging I went about the sea of vendors. 
I also finally found some VHS horror gems. And 2 Annie Lenox CDs I didn't have. 
Not looking forward to working a double tomorrow but I have a feeling the guy I support will more likely than not just want to sleep all day. 
Here's to a new week and keeping the positive juju flowing! 

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