Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madonna makes me want to vomit

Last night after my shift with the guy I support I went to the walmart in Troy on a whim that the overnight staff would accidentally put Cher's new album out a few hours early. 
Sure as shit they did and I danced down the aisles clutching my copy. Yes I looked ridiculous, yes I already preordered it on iTunes on my iPhone but there will always be something about holding a physical tangible copy of an album of an artist you love. 
Perhaps it's because I am old enough to remember when CDs weren't your only option and I an well versed in lps and 45s thanks to my mom. 
I got to m car, ripped it open like Charlie ripping the wrapping from the wonka bar to reveal his golden ticket and put it into my car's CD player (where it will live for a VERY long time) and was blown away. 
The album is pure bliss. From Beijing to end. Well worth the 10 year wait, especially when we all thought she was finished. 
In all the promotional interviews I've watched with Cher leading up to the album's release one journalist said I best when he said "there would be no Madonna, no Lady Gaga, no Britney Spears without Cher" and this is complete truth. 
I can't stand how Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga and several other artists get lumped together as gay icons. Especially when you throw Madonna's name out there. 
Madonna sickness me. Not because of her music but that anyone would ever lump her in with Cher or Lady Gaga who actually sing at their live performances. 
Any queen our there who attributes anything to Madonna other than trying to make camel toe a fashion statement are delusional. Madonna is like herpes, she goes away for a split second, sucks tracks and production from anyone any current pop performer has had success with and pushes out a subpar album filled with collaborations to masque the fact that she is all but useless. 
The main difference between Cher and Madonna is this: Cher is a legend. A legend with an illustrious career and true accolades. Madonna is someone who keeps trying to get to legendary status by changing her image and sound more times than I change I underwear. 
Cher has and always will be Cher. She's the original.
And what's more is Cher has ALWAYS stood up for her large gay audience. Madonna seems to just sweep that under rug. 
Go out and get Cher's new album. You won't be disappointed.
She continues to be incredible and actually worth it. 

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