Monday, September 30, 2013

Just like a prayer...I've been converted

For years I never truly cared for Madonna (a gay sin, I know). Yes I know all the words to more than a few of her songs. How could that be avoided? Like Cher I was exposed to Madonna at a younge via my sister and he cassette collection. And like Cher I didn't realize she was a "gay icon" until much years later. 
I saw the blonde ambition tour on tv...and much like with her music I was nonpulsed. I didn't understand why some woman with trailer park trash beauty would gallivant around the stage with traffic cones on her breasts and a long pony tail hair extension that was faker than the Chanel bags upstate girls tote around (at least have them try to match your hair color girl!).  None of it made any sense. 
I was reveling in Cher because to me at a young age she was always tasteful and elegant. And even in some her more riquè performances she didn't appear to be some harlot running around the stage doing anything she could to get attention. 
As I grew up Madonna continually changed and was always present, trying to break her back in to a buisness that humor her at best. She was never in the same form and never seemed to play the same kind of music more than once, in the same way the real housewives won't wear the same pair of $10,000 heals more than once. 
I just didn't see the point in investing time or effort in a musical artist who either hadn't managed to figure themselves out or find their niche and had no continuity. 
Yes, all artists grow and change. But not like Madonna. There never seemed to be any growth. Just throwing away one sound and gimmick for the next. 
That and as an adult now I detested how she lashes out at other current artists claiming that they copied her instead of gracefully bowing out, raising the white flag and enjoying her riches. Let's be clear, Cher came first and paved the way for her.  So of these artists are copying anyone it's certainly not her. 
But then for some reason I watched the MDNA concert and I've been changed. 
That tour was jaw droppingly fantastic and surprisingly unique.
For the first time in my life I saw a gun as glamorous. 
I initially had cast her album MDNA aside upon first lesson but when you see the concert and the full portrait put together before your eyes it all cliques and becomes one beautiful masterpiece. 
Perhaps Madonna has finally found her niche. I won't lie, I've always thought confessions on a dance floor was brilliant, hard candy crap, but I feel like she revisited confessions on the MDNA album and if she sticks with this sound and genre she'll have this finicky gay man's ears and money. 
What I found most striking about the tour in General was how empowered she made me feel. And at a time when my life is out of sorts and one half of my family hates me this is exactly what I needed. 
I need to have more of her fuck you attitude and stop feeling sorry for myself and wasting emotion on the emotionless.

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