Friday, September 13, 2013

How many great loves...

As the picture would imply I've been on a Sex And The City binge. I still stand by the statement I made years ago while the show was still on, "Carrie Bradshaw taught me everything I need to know" but I can't help but put Ms. Bradshaw in the same category as Mr. Disney- people who gave me false expectations of what love is, could be, and what it really is or how it actually works. 
I've always loved Sex And The City. It makes me think instead of idle like most television shows. 
And Ms. Bradshaw proposed the question "how many great loves do you get?"  
For me, like Charlotte claimed, it's been two. Two great loves that like Ms. Bradshaw and Mr. Disney left me forever damaged on the journey to find the one great love that lasts. 
When you reflect on these "great loves" you remember the perfection of it all and lose any memory of the hard work it took you to get there. So when the next opportunity for love falls in your lap you expect it to just take off from where your great love left off and when it doesn't because it can't you cast them aside. 
So thank you Ms. Bradshaw, Mr. Disney, great love number one and great love number two. 

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